The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: A Look at the Sixties

This past week I read a short obituary claiming Dick Smothers died this spring. This proved to be a hoax! He is alive and well, and currently a little over 80 years of age.  His brother Tom, age 83, is also living. Both are long retired, although they do turn up from time-to-time for the odd TV appearance. Dick lives in Florida and Tom in California.

As luck would have it—a few days later, I came across another reference to the Smothers Brothers. I listened to ‘The Draft Dodger Rag, a tune performed by Tom and Dick (together with George Segal) during the late 1960s. After hearing this song, and feeling a little nostalgia for my youth, I decided to see what I could find out about the two brothers, and their life and times.

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